Sricharan Chiruvolu

Sricharan Chiruvolu


Software, Data and Everything Nice

Notable Projects

2017 ¬

  • An IOS app that extracts chemical names from a large text in real-time and renders the molecules/proteins in an AR environment. Built on TensorFlow and IOS ArKit.

2016 ¬

  • A Facebook messenger based health assistant. Takes care of daily calorie intake, schedules water intake, recognises and recommends food based on an image.

2015 ¬

  • A bioinformatics research project on parallel Genetic Algorithms implemented on GPGPUs for pharmaco-genomics on drug and tissue data.

  • Eye tracking using EyeTribe™ for heatmap overlay generation to present advertisement analytics for webpages.

  • An image synthesis system based on ray-tracing which includes reflections, refractions, soft shadows and depth of field.

2014 ¬

  • A complete productivity suite for schools and colleges to interact effectively. Features include an interactive drawing board, chat rooms, dedicated forums, quiz generation and analytics, push notifications etc.

2013 ¬

  • An anonymous micro-blogging website where users can share or re-share posts and follow each other. A time based steam of posts is also featured.

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