Manual Mounting of USB drives in Linux

When a USB doesn’t mount automatically, you can manually mount it. For this you need to login as root (superuser) and do the following process.

cs50/home/sricharan># lsusb

cs50/home/sricharan># cd Desktop

cs50/home/sricharan/Desktop# mkdir flash

cs50/home/sricharn/Desktop #

cs50/home/sricharan/Desktop># dmesg | grep -i "SCSI device"

cs50/home/sricharan/Desktop># pwd /home/sricharan/Desktop

cs50/home/sricharan/Desktop># mount -t vfat -o uid=jason,gid=users /dev/sda /home/sricharan/Desktop/flash


Your flash drive is now mounted and ready to use. If you followed the instructions exactly, there is a new folder on your desktop named “flash” which can be used to put files, images, music, or anything else you want!

When you’re done copying, simply pop out the drive and you’re on your way.