I’m Sricharan Chiruvolu. I make stuff that work on computers.

I consider myself a (wannabe) full-stack software engineer who is fiercely passionate about the user experience and interaction of a product. I’m currently working in the tech stack of Rails, Android and Angular. I’m glad I picked up Python even though it wasn’t being taught in school and I’ve enjoyed using it ever since.

I’m an open-source believer. I was accepted for Google Summer of Code and also mentored a student for Google Code-In. I occasionally participate in a few technical forums and attend meetups whenever I can. I also write technical articles for Open Source For You magazine and a few other online forums.

Till date, I worked on projects related to Linux OS, computer graphics, bioinformatics and typical software engineering. I would love to teach myself machine learning and deep learning sometime soon.

I usually go by raincrash on the internet.

I pass most of my leisure time with my Kindle PW3. I also read eastern manga and western comics. I do watch a lot of anime.

Feel free to contact me at sricharanized at gmail dot com.

Also, download my résumé or view it online here.